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Championship Course Layout

  • Hole 1

    Hole 1

    Par: 5 | Yards: 529 | Handicap: 9

    From the Clubhouse, set on a hill, you have a full view of #1 going out and #9 coming in. They are two of the more open holes, but #1 will immediately demand your attention as large ponds guard the tee shots.

    Choices are required on all subsequent shots to the green on this double dogleg hole. Wetlands and a small pond will determine your best angle and length to approach the green, which is set into a hillside.

    There will be a great variety of approach shots used for Hole #1. Plus some interesting small chips/pitches are required off the varied terrain if you miss this green.

  • Hole 2

    Hole 2

    Par: 4 | Yards: 404 | Handicap: 17

    A special view awaits as you approach this elevated tee. A demanding and accurate tee shot across the valley is required, yet long enough for a full view of the green, which is set above you. A roll-on approach probably will not work with the steep front slope. There are trees all the way!

    There are some significant “No’s” on this hole:

    Right or (especially Left) on the tee shot
    Long on the approach shot
    No. 2 is a beautiful Hole but it can be tough.

  • Hole 3

    Hole 3

    Par: 3 | Yards: 203 | Handicap: 15

    This nice looking, downhill Par 3 (actually it is downright scary from the back tee!), plays over a wetland to quite a receptive large, yet rolling green. The entire hole is set in the woods.

    A “low” on the green’s front right will provide some exciting putts.

  • Hole 4

    Hole 4

    Par: 4 | Yards: 455 | Handicap: 11

    One of the longest Par 4’s but also the most open hole on the course with a wide fairway only guarded at the dogleg left by a large fairway bunker. The hole provides a good opportunity for a long drive, although often playing into the southwesterly wind.

    Two sand bunkers guard this green, which has a two level rear portion.

  • Hole 5

    Hole 5

    Par: 5 | Yards: 552 | Handicap: 1

    Ready to make some choices! If you can pull off an intimidating tee shot to the peninsula fairway out in the wetland, this will become a Par 4, but it’s a difficult shot, even with such a good view from the somewhat elevated tees.

    Of course there is the “safe” route around the pond/marsh. (Which turns out to be far from being safe!) However, you will have so much satisfaction after “safely” negotiating the trees, side-slopes, bunkers and ponds, whichever route you choose.

    The green is set into a sharp left-to-right slope above the wetland/marsh, which extends from tee to green (and beyond)–it is beautiful!

  • Hole 6

    Hole 6

    Par: 3 | Yards: 205 | Handicap: 7

    Carrying over the marsh comes into play off three of the five tees. This hole is pretty from all tees and provides a great view from the cart path as it rounds the wetlands. The green, which is well protected by ponds, bunkers and marsh, is set on a peninsula (even though it may look and feel as daunting as an island) when you plan your tee shot.

  • Hole 7

    Hole 7

    Par: 4 | Yards: 425 | Handicap: 3

    Back Tee: (from the peninsula) Scary look on this sharp, 90-degree dogleg right.

    From the other tees: straightaway hole but tightly bordered by trees on left and that same huge wetland on the right. It is a pretty level hole with a back right hole location being tough to get at.

    By the way, from the back tee you can try “flying” it right toward the green. If you are very long and very, very straight to the small peninsula jutting out as your target, all that remains is a short pitch shot on this long Par 4.

  • Hole 8

    Hole 8

    Par: 4 | Yards: 418 | Handicap: 13

    This is a very picturesque slight dogleg right, completely framed by some of the site’s most stately and mature woods. There are marshes, but not quite as much in play.

    Your approach shot provides a scenic and inviting view of the two-level green from the rolling and elevated fairway area. The approach may even utilize the hill/mound short left allowing the shot to run around the bunker onto the green.

  • Hole 9

    Hole 9

    Par: 4 | Yards: 456 | Handicap: 5

    This longer Par 4 climbs the gentle hill toward the clubhouse. The wide but rolling fairway will result in a variety of uneven lies.

    Set above a pond to the left, the green has direct roll-offs to the water below. Stay slightly right with your approach however, a miss well out to the right creates unique problems with the pond. Any pars will be very welcome here.

    You will remember this hole’s test, as well as now completing a very scenic front nine.

  • Hole 10

    Hole 10

    Par: 5 | Yards: 578 | Handicap: 2

    Just as #1 did on the front nine, #10 immediately demands your full attention as you begin the back nine.

    Pretty Hole? Yes. Different Hole? Yes. Tough Hole? Yes. Exciting Hole? For Sure!

    Even though the fairway is wide for tee shots, this double dogleg becomes very tricky as soon as you put a tee shot, or second shot, just a little out of play. Odds are your approach shot will be played from a side hill lie. Especially the back left hole-placement should be attempted with great care and precision.

    Note: With a very long, well-positioned tee shot, which will run out down the left hillside, you may have a chance to play over the large wetland directly at the right front of the green-very exciting shot!

  • Hole 11

    Hole 11

    Par: 3 | Yards: 200 | Handicap: 12

    From the slightly elevated tees you will have an ample view of the sizable pond with a nose fronting the green’s left side.

    The green is set on a diagonal, which means harder decisions in club selection. A dip separates the left green portion nearer the pond and right portion guarded by a bunker. Adding to the beauty of the hole is the forest on all sides.

  • Hole 12

    Hole 12

    Par: 4 | Yards: 397 | Handicap: 14

    You now come to a three-hole sequence (#12-13-14), which is a nice opportunity for scoring–if you put your tee shots in good positions.

    #12 has a wide fairway for this sharp dogleg left but a large tree guards the turn. Either play short or past the tree (and sand bunker). Brave shots can slip through the narrow opening left of the tree right between the bunker and a marsh, which will shorten the hole.

    The approach plays downhill to an accessible green without any severe contours and just one lone bunker–although a pond does lurk but well to the left.

  • Hole 13

    Hole 13

    Par: 5 | Yards: 534 | Handicap: 8

    The second of that “three-hole opportunity” mentioned above.

    A tee shot played to the wide portion of the fairway, short of the right side pond. Follow with a second, again to the wider fairway, this time short of the left side tree grouping (which easily avoids the right side pond); this provides a comfortable approach shot.

    However, if you decide to go for a longer tee shot, the water is more in play; same for the second shot. But if successful, your approach will be much shorter. This large green is set into the beautiful majestic Norway pine area, which the course is now entering. The result is a fairly level, straight-a-way Par 5 hole with just a few water problems around if you stray too far.

  • Hole 14

    Hole 14

    Par: 4 | Yards: 361 | Handicap: 16

    Completing the “three-hole opportunity” is the shortest Par 4 on the course. It also has quite an inviting fairway up to the dogleg right. Also there is a nice look downhill to an oval green tucked into the trees. You can even bounce and roll an approach shot off the left bank, around the bunkers, onto the putting surface.

    A right side waste bunker and trees at the dogleg can create a problem so stay a little left with your tee shot, which need not be a driver.

  • Hole 15

    Hole 15

    Par: 3 | Yards: 185 | Handicap: 18

    Here’s an interesting twist– a two-in-one Par 3. A real conversation piece.

    Now remember, this hole is guarded by two bunkers, virtually splitting the hole into two distinct targets, in effect making it two greens in one.

    Most of the time the pin will be set on the larger left portion of the green – which means the hole will play as a fairly standard Par 3, but not always. On those occasions when your ball ends up on the “wrong” green area, a tough situation (to say the least) will prevail. Good luck!

  • Hole 16

    Hole 16

    Par: 4 | Yards: 437 | Handicap: 10

    Now, are you ready for a good solid finish? Three very good Par 4’s await; all different and each is a test.

    #16 plays from tees set up on a ridge to a wide inviting fairway sitting below. That ridge holding the tees runs full length on the right side and also holds the green, which now sets above you and behind a meandering creek. Trees abound with glimpses available all the way on the left of Flowage Lake.

    Note: There is an oddity at greenside that will give you a chuckle!

  • Hole 17

    Hole 17

    Par: 4 | Yards: 440 | Handicap: 6

    For a level straight hole, #17 has a number of interesting obstacles.

    In order to reach the green with your second shot, the tee shot needs to slide past the right side pond and a couple of key trees. Then another pond juts out into the fairway from the left near the green.

    This Par 4 is long, so hit some good shots: also stay out of the left tree line. Plus there is a third pond adjacent to the tees.

  • Hole 18

    Hole 18

    Par: 4 | Yards: 451 | Handicap: 4

    Over the marsh we go! All but the front tee will require a significant and intimidating carry over wetland and pond to reach the wide rolling fairway. There are trees waiting for any errant shot on this long hole that often plays into the wind.

    Pars here have to be earned: take care to place your approach on the correct end of this long green, which has an interesting extended collar/chipping area. #18 is an appropriate finish to Minnesota National’s fine test of golf.

    Thank you for visiting this hole-by-hole preview. Now come for the real fun, in person.

    -Joel Goldstrand, Course Designer


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